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My Ford: New England

Prod/Dir: Jason Scott Jones

Jodi Silver, Samuel Stonefield
Editor: Jason Scott Jones
Assist Ed: Emely Torres

The assignment: "Sustainability" and "New England" not a small order. In fact there was so much that could be chosen to represent those topics, a solid pre-production plan was essential.

I started by considering which elements expressed sustainability and linked the iconic elements that invoke "New England" for people the world over. 

Fortunately my friend (and Celebrity Chef) Michele Ragussis has run restaurants in Maine and currently in Provincetown on Cape Cod, and bonus, she's a Connecticut native.

After consulting with Michele I was able to involve a Lobsterman in Maine, Fishmonger in Boston, and feature her kitchen and restaurant in P-Town. 

This allowed us to do more of a travelogue with driven by Michele and the Ford C-Max Hybrid and in the process learn how sustainable practices in fishing combine with energy efficient vehicles to deliver goodness to table.

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