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My Ford: Seattle/Cascade Loop

Prod/Dir: Jason Scott Jones
DP: Geoff Nelson
2nd DP Samuel Stonefield
Editor: Jason Scott Jones

My first to the Pacific Northwest was breath-taking and a marathon. In order to showcase real owners of Ford hybrid and fully electric vehicles, we'd drive between the city of Seattle, the Cascade mountains and (far on the other side of the cascades) Wenatchee to meet and record interviews, scenic vistas and road footage. 

We did it all in just over 72 hours: 5 principal exterior shoot locations, including one with a two camera set built, shooting additional B-Roll in an around downtown Seattle, covering more than 500 miles of driving in the process.

The result for Ford was measurable boost in Ford EV discussions and traffic on local Ford owner usergroups (as most of the Ford owners were selected from user group activity). A positive association of the brand with the environmental progressive concerns that are central to many of the regions car owners. And a measurable increase in traffic on Ford media channels.

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