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In 2019 JSJ Creative began publishing short form original video content shot and produced in virtual reality on YouTube and

Based in New York City the videos feature local sites, iconic architecture and unique cultural events viewable in 360º for an immersive experience.

In the future these videos will go beyond experiential and scenic views to feature entertainment and informative facts, not only about NYC but from other cities in the US and around the world.

VR of Dennis Basso Brida Fashion Show

On The Verge: MLB VR Series

In 2017 JSJ Creative began independently producing original VR content, consisting of editorial and narrative works.

The goal was to be at the forefront of an emerging media format that will forever change our perception of video.

In the midst of that goal, JSJ Creative was tapped by Major League Baseball to be part of their VR Video Production team.

Partnered with MLB, Samsung & Google, we created dozens of VR videos, and engaging content, like these pieces featuring Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox and Trevor Story and DJ LeMathieu of the Colorado Rockies.

For more videos we produced visit

MLB's YouTube VR channel "On the Verge" 

TO VIEW, open in a non-safari web browser, then switch the video to full screen.

For 360 view:
On a mobile device turning the phone or tablet changes the view. On a desktop or laptop, click and drag the screen to change the view.

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